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Position queued progressive fields

Can you create a way to add queued progressive fields to the middle of the form instead of on the bottom?


This would greatly improve the look of my forms.

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This would would be incredibly helpful! We often have queued fields that make no sense to be at the bottom of the form. 


I would also like this feature... we like to keep opt-in questions on our forms at the bottom, and with progressive forms have to decide if to remove them or have them float in the middle due to the progressive questions only showing at the end. 


Would be great to set a question position using some logic on the form

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Super important update for the progressive fields feature. We would love to use this feature as it's helpful to gather more information about our leads. But like Katarina_Nice said: At the bottom of the form, under the opt-in/ data privacy checkboxes it makes no sense. So we never use this feature. 

The removed field should be replaced by the new field from the queue, at the same position as the orignal field used to be.


Agree 100%. And another problem: Queued questions sometimes also replace first and last name, which naturally appear above the email address field. This also looks weird.