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(Popup) form formatting

You know why we don't use HubSpot forms?


1. Inability to add tokens in follow up emails. (Seriously, what?😞 HubSpot Community - Form Follow-Up Emails - Page 2 - HubSpot Community


That said we do use exit intent popups, because frankly, your exit intent technology works (on Desktop). But I have to say we are deeply disappointed that unlike any of the exit intent popups out there, set aside provision of nice templates, there is not even a way to properly format the popup form!! The editor is VERY limited, and there is no way to add custom CSS to style the form.


Please add some more functionality to the editor (e.g. change size, color of text, insert image, set image as background, etc) and in the meantime (while you think about making the editor richer), please provide a box for custom CSS...


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Ability to change the CSS style of the exit-intent form is a must have and HS's editor is veeery poor there!