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Can we have a pop up option that isn't a form please? A lighbox that pop ups when somebody visits a page with a call to action or link to another page. 

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Hi LMinghetti,

I am also interested in seeing some more fatures around non-form popups. That said, when you go to "Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms" and create a form, you will have an option on those forms to choose where the button would take users. If you select "Non-HubSpot URL" it will allow you to utilize the popup to link to a seperate page rather than using a form.


In my circumstance, the popup that sits at the top of the page has too few characters available at only 180. I would like to see that character limitation removed.


Additionally, I would really like to see an option to remove the button alltogether. We want to use these for maintenance messages and the only outcome of the popup would be for a user to dismiss the popup. Today, I am able to hide the button with inline CSS on the page I'm targeting but it would be more seamless if it was done in the configuration.


It would also be nice if the popup form that is pinned to the top of the page would have some formatting options on the text.


Additionally, it would be nice if we could reset the form so users that previously dismissed the form would see it again, or simply add a option to continually show the popup even if it was dismissed. For example, if we post a maintenance message and it is dismissed, we would eventually un-publish the message but later we may modify it and re-publish the message. All users should see it the second time it is published.

Lastly, I've noticed that the site loads a little slower when it looks for the HubSpot popup form. I believe this only happens once but it would be great if it were not a problem.

Hope this helps a little.