Pop ups that DONT collect information on users

I think that having a pop ups that allow users to simply download things in a click of a button would be far more effective than making them put in their details. 


I know HubSpot is all about collecting data on users but what we want is not to collect their information but to give them inforamtion that is eaasily accessible so that they will hopefully comeback to us for more. 


It's so irritating that i cannot have a pop p form that just has one button to download. I have watched countless HotJar recorddings where people see the pop up and hesitate because they dont want to or cant be bothered to enter their details. 




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This is a great idea!

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Agree. Often our clients want a pop up on a particular page, with a CTA to send visitors to a relevant offer/page/blog post etc. without needing to collect details.

We don't want to use a 3rd party tool for this. Would much rather have a HubSpot pop-up form choice that is "just text" or "just text and cta" and no form fields. +1

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This is a great idea! Totally agree that we need the ability to have pop-ups with just a CTA.

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We would like to be able to offer relevant content - blog articles or pdfs or promotions - based on how long someone is looking at one of our pages. I've tried so many work arounds with the pop ups, but hate that we have to require a form.


PLEASE add this feature - it would be so helpful to have the flexibility to better control engagement for top of the funnel and remove the hesitation for form submission when you just aren't quite there yet.