Pop-up form triggers


Hi all,


I would like to create a pop-up form based on more triggers than the ones that are available now. It would be great if some triggers can be added.


Currently you can trigger on:

  • URL
  • Query parameter
  • +some onsite user behaviour

What I'm looking for:

  • Trigger on known contacts with a specific lifecycle stage. e.g. push a specific contact towards a specific content piece or towards a more lower funnel page.
  • Trigger on specific IP countries and/or browser language settings
  • Trigger on "first seen" users or Returning users
  • ....Trigger on other relevant known Hubspot information of a user
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I'd like to elaborate the on "onsite user behavior" by suggesting triggering based on a webpage event as well. For example, a video click or button push. 

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Also want to add, trigger pop-up based on X number of pages visited on website, where X is a custom number we can set.


Great idea! It would be nice to have the option to let the pop-up show before a minimum of 7 seconds.


Would like to have more detailed pop up form targeting rules too! 


Trigger: Based on visitor cursor movement

- ie. When a visitor's cursor goes over a specific button on the page