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Pop up Forms Hidden fields

Hi there,


Would be great having the possibility to add hidden fields into pop up forms.


Why: we love to insert there as fewer fields as we can to keep them easy/quick to complete.


Challenge: lack of fields = lack of info. e.g: in the case of the country field, we always need to add the lead flow in a workflow that assigns the country. 


Solution: hidden field 








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Agree that this would be helpful. We use hidden fields for lead attribution (UTM values) and we tend to not use pop up forms because it limits tracking 


Any updates on that? Will it be a possibility soon? Is HubSpot working on that or not? It's necessary for us as well!


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Agree this is very much needed. Also missing the functionality to include different types of fields in the pop-up, like radio select buttons. 


Yes, we also would like to use hidden fields on pop-up forms for adding UTM parameters to track user activity. Since we can't track users, we don't use pop-up forms but I would love to start using!

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This would be really useful and it's not a hard feature to implement as we already have this for regular forms.


I'm using workflows as a workaround but is not very practical.


This would be really useful, just like in regular forms. We use hidden fields for lead attribution and it limits tracking for contacts that submitted pop ups


Please enable this functionality. Why would a popup form behave any differently from any other form? I have to either embed a form (looks terrible) or redirect someone to a landing page (terrible user experience). 


We use hidden fields to streamline trigger enrollment into a variety of workflows such as contact owner assignment, lead source etc.  we also use it to streamline our lead score assignment so without it, it's very limiting. 


How have more people not requested this feature? Pop-up forms are so limiting that I’m not using them anymore. Please prioritize this.

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This is a huge need for popup forms, fully agreed.


Any word on this?  Given that we also don't get a view of where forms are being used on workflows and in lists, having a hidden field on forms to act as a unique identifier on the product for example, allows us to use that hidden field in list and workflows so that as we add more forms, we are not stuck trying to remember which lists and workflows need this new form added to.  Yes I know that on pop up we can create a workflow where that Hide Field property is updated to Yes but we should not have to.


Boosting this, we would love to see this feature!