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Pop-up Alerts Needed in Tickets and Company Objects

Who: Service Hub - Support tickets

What is the goal?:  To be alerted of important information before proceeding with a service.

Added Value:  Alert stakeholders of busniess critical infomation


The Idea: We need warning messages to pop-up when creating tickets to warn the person working on the ticket of pertinent information.  This could be things like, "Attention: This client is delinquent. Please require payment before proceeding!" or "This client has a balance that can be applied to their bill."  or "This client does not have a subscription. All Support work is to be billable." 


If we can’t have a pop-up, then a pinned message within each ticket for that client would show up at the top of that ticket where we could see it. 


This pop-up or pinned message can be set to expire at a certain time, appear in certain places, always appear, etc.  

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Excellent idea! 


This would also be helpful when a client is in an implementation for a variety of reasons: they have not transitioned to support, but still reaches out to support for assistance, has gone live and may reach out to support and should be redirected to their implementation consultant, has unique business practices resulting in a unique use of the software, etc. 


Brilliant Idea! We use to have this feature in our old helpdesk system.

You could set an alert at Contact, Location or Company level and this would be flagged up when creating a ticket. Very useful to keep the whole team informed.

A perfect example maybe that the client is on credit hold or has had a license revoked and needs to speak with the acounts team before proceeding with a support ticket.


I came here to request the same thing, it is very valuable for client success. Here as example of what this looked like in our last platform. Aytime you touched anything associated to the company, an alert pop-up would appear. 




This is something that my team needs desperatley. Looking through notes is not efficient. Pop-up Alerts would help improve our service and allows for the entire company to be aware of new information ASAP regardless of who reaches out from the client company or who answers the ticket from our support team.