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Pop Up Forms: Non-Form Type to Report on Clicks instead of Submissions

Now that we have the ability to create Pop-Up Forms without the Form Step (file download, HubSpot/Non-HubSpot Link, etc) I'd love to see reporting around views and clicks, instead of views and submissions.


When running these Non-Form Pop Up Forms (confusing, I know) the stats still revolve around views, submissions, and submission rate which isn't useful at all, since no submission will be recorded on these pop-up types.


As far as I know, there's currently no way to easily figure out how your Non-Form Pop Up is performing without these stats.


It would be great to see the views, clicks and click rate.



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This is a great idea guys. Anthony Constantinou appreciate it.Anthony ConstantinouAnthony Constantinou


Yes yes yes, or just count a button click as a submission