HubSpot Ideas


Pop Up Form

Hubspot is great for managing users and embedding easily on to a website... but to say the pop up formatting optionality is lacking is the understatement of the year.


In other forms, like embedded forms, I have the option to make it look pretty much however I want it to. But, the popup for exit intent is frankly ugly. I would love to be able to customize the format in some ways, like, rezie the image, or, resize the entire callout box! Mailchimp and other services do this much better than Hubspot. For the price tag, I would love to have a truly all-in-one option for popups. 


Anyone else agree? I have seen it all over the message boards like Here and here but so far HS has been crickets on this functionality.


The value: higher conversion rates, prettier popups, and more leads!!


Let's do this. I know the functionality is there. I'm happy to help brainstorm this with the dev team...