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I recently saw a pop-up feature on Docutech's Blog: 13 Things to Start, Stop & Keep Doing With Your Email Marketing in 2018. The Pop-Up did not require a form but rather re-directed to a landing page. I would love to have this as a feature in HubSpot either as a CTA Option or via the Lead Flows Tool. It would allow marketing to quickly notify visitors of new content while also asking more detailed questions for lead routing purposes. 

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 Yes! This would be wonderful - it's been something we've been trying to figure out how to do on our site as well.

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Would really love this feature!

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 need it too!

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This would be a great feature to have access to!

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Any news here?

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Yes, this would be great! Let's make this happen :-) 

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I would love for HubSpot to make this happen! There are multiple pages on my website where I would like for a pop-up to simply re-direct visitors from the page they are on to a landing page that contains a relevant offer. With the pop-up forms tool in HubSpot, I have to make them at least put in an email address before I can re-direct them. A pop-up CTA tool, on the other hand, would allow me to encourage visitors to view a page that I think will have additional value for them (and hopefully convert on) without them having to submit any info yet. 

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I'd love to have this feature. We would like to insert pop-up style CTA into our blog posts to navigate the viewers to our product's listing page. It would be great if HubSpot CTAs could style like a pop-up!

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Bumping this a bit because it's something that would be incredibly helpful for me. Leads turn into demos more often when the lead capture is also scheduling.


This feature would be a great addition. We regularly host breakfast briefings, seminars and hosted events so this feature would be extremely useful for promotion and to re-directing visitors to event landing pages.