Please revert imported lists to their original email functionality!

Hubspot has made some changes to the imported lists functionality – prior to these changes, users could import a contact list and immediately select that list as the recipients for an email. Now, after importing the list, you have to perform the extra steps of creating a list from this import, and waiting several minutes for the list to process before being able to use the list for an email.

This change adds so much inefficiency to the process when importing an email send list, and at least triples the amount of time it takes. Please revert this process back to the way it was!

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Yes! I'm so frustrated with this new change! I now have to do so many extra unnecessary steps to get my work done.

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I submitted this through the support inbox as a bug. This can't possibly be a proactive change, can it? Somebody would have to walk me through the logic (lack of logic?) on proactively making that change. It's been a serious disruption to my team's work process.

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@theScott, I spent several days talking with Hubspot support about this a few weeks ago, and while the support guy was confused about it at first, he ultimately concluded that the feature was functioning properly and suggested that it be submitted to the Ideas forum. So no, unfortunately I don't think it's just a bug. It's been a big disruption to me as well, but oddly enough am not seeing the issue with other client portals. Does your portal have the GDPR settings turned on? This one that I'm having the problem with does, and my other clients do not, so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it.

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Under the Cookie Policy settings, I have cookies disabled. However, I just unpublished that policy and was still unable to import into a static list. If I'm correctly understanding the response I received in the support inbox, it was indeed a proactive decision to remove the ability to import contacts into a list. 

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The whole new import procedure has entirely disrupted our internal lead management process. When you have workflows triggered of a list, and now not easily being able to import into an existing list, it's become a nightmare. Really upset at this ill-thought through move.