Please return the search bar to its original form

Hi guys,


I'm really sorry, but I have to report that my team and I find the update to the search function on Hubspot to be extremely annoying and frustrating. 


The way we use search in Hubspot is to find leads we've recently contacted, or to check for duplicates in our databases because often leads are uploaded without websites so Hubspot can't automatically tell that they are the same companies. This has in the past led to several embarrassing mistakes where multiple sales people would contact the same lead, not realising they'd already heard the spiel or had been in talks with us, or even were already one of our customers.


To prevent that, every new lead we work we have to search first in Hubspot to ensure there are no duplicates.


When we try that now, instead of the duplicate lead showing up at the top of a drop down bar, Hubspot opens up a new page that shows us a whole bunch of irrelevant information at the top (unrelated companies, contacts, recent emails with the words in them etc), with the information we're looking for hard to find, requiring a lot of scrolling and confusion. Even 10 seconds of extra time each lead, if you add it up over 40-50 leads and multiple sales people, is a problem. 


Not to mention the frustration that's caused when something so simple becomes unnecessarily complicated. 


I have great respect for developers and I don't want to belittle their hard work, but I just need to express that this change does not actually improve functionality for us, it makes our job harder and more annoying. 


Kind regards

Everyone in the ezyCollect sales team (yes I asked them)

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I totally agree.  So hard to use now.