Please give me an option to ONLY send plain text emails

The plain text template helps, but it still looks like an HTML email, because it has a box around the text. I need an email to look like my sales guy just fired it off. Your own data suggests that plain text gets better results than HTML, so I cannot combat his need for plain text only.  


This question has been asked before, but seems to have disappeared.  

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This is much needed. What is the status on this please?

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Yes what is the status on this? 

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Looks like Hubspot has a template that does the trick:

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Absolute must have feature... is their any update on when this might be implemented? Would there be any downsides to this? The plain text template works ok, but a true plain text option would be ideal here. 

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Plain Text template is still entirely HTML, forcing a small white box around the text and odd text wrapping. It is 100% obvious, particularly when viewing the message on a mobile app, that the email was sent by a program, not a person.

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Please make this feature. It would really help with sending emails to specific target groups!