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Please bring the Deals object back into the Shopify Integration

We had a legacy Shopify integration in place (the native connector) which synced the following objects:

  • Contacts
  • Deals
  • Products

We wanted to expand that to include company data as we saw that the sync field mapping had expanded to include the Company object. However, in updating the connector, it broke the connection to the Deal object and shifted the data to Orders instead.

The Orders object which has replaced Deals within the data sync mapping is an invisible and uneditable object within our client's portal. We had to roll back to the older version which then cuts out companies. 

Please could HubSpot consider brining back the Deal object in the sync mapping so that clients on the legacy version are able to update theirs to benefit from the new Company sync functionality.

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We had a the eaxct same issue here, which was frustrating being the last peice of the puzzle for us to ensure our workflows were close to 100% automated. A fix would be much appreciated 



In the meantime, you may consider using an automation workflow to copy/paste the order properties over to deal properties and set up respective triggers.


Hi @Lauren_Lokker and @SDrapan,


Thanks for sharing the idea and I can understand the frustration of not being able to utilize the HubSpot deals to Shopify order sync now which was working earlier.


So, to achieve the sync of HubSpot deal and Shopify order, you can use miniOrange's Syncito - Data Sync Automation app. You can check more details here


Please feel free to reply here to discuss the requirements or you can directly reach out to or


Best Regards,