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Please allow Folder Uploads to File Manager



We have a lot of products with a lot of images.  We have them all organized in folders on under a "Products" folder.  It would be extremely useful if I could simply upload the Products folder and all of it's contents to HubSpot by dragging the parent Products folder into HubSpot.


As I understand currently, HubSpot requires you to manually create all folders and subfolders within HubSpot and then upload each file to corresponding HubSpot folder.  This is a very crude way of uploading files and extremely ineffecient.  Please update this part of the software to modern standards.

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Hi @MichaelLambie,


This has been requested by other users before:


I'd recommend upvoting and commenting. The product team reviews these requests based on their popularity.


You can make it easier for others to find this request by accepting my reply as a solution. I'd appreciate it!


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