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Please Add Location Field to Social Media Posts

One of the ways that we generate other traffic to our social media pages is by tagging the various locations that we have events at. Currently, Hubspot doesn't allow us to tag locations when we preschedule posts through the platform.

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yes splease evry important to get the location in while scheudleing. Defaets the prupose of schedulling in advance if we have to go back after posting to do the same. 


So necessary!


@WillDekrey would it be a crazy idea to see this implemented within the next month?


Today a customer has asked me for this function, it is not the only one, the need to be able to tag contacts in the images in twitter publications without having to re-finance the copy.


Do we have an implementation date?


Thank you


This would be an amazing feature!!!


Hi @jacquimalis 


For how long will this be in review? Moreover, we see more and more reports the effectivenss of  LinkedIn. Posts from people's accounts helps in generating more views and shares, which is why our influencers connected their LinkedIn-account to HubSpot. However, we can only tag companies, not people in the post. Is this something that can be realized? 

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Jumping on this train to reemphasise the value of this feature. Currently our team is manually posting "engagement" posts so we can tag individual accounts. This process takes more time and adds roadblocks for reporting. We would love to see this feature included in future updates!


Definitely an important feature. Tags drive audience! Hubspot being the Inbound marketing leader seems a bit disappointing that they are not ahead of what other simpler app allows you to do. 


Any timeline on your reviews? 


Thank you 


Yes, it a bit crazy to schedule social posts without the feature to tag people. This is frustrating since you eaither don't schedule or you must go back everytime to the native social to tag. That's upsetting...


We'd also really like the ability to @ mention people on social media posts (especially LinkedIn) 

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It would be nice if we could tag people, pages, and locations. It also would be nice if we could customize video thumbnails.

Honestly, I think the social tool is completely useless without these features because it's extremely limiting. What's the point of scheduling posts ahead of time if I have to manually edit them after they're live anyway?

Also, I cannot use it for any videos that I need to adjust the thumbnail on.

I also resent that I have to get HubSpot's attention by posting this in a forum and hoping people upvote it just to ask them to improve their product 🙂


I know it was being reviewed more than a year ago, what's the status on this? Thanks!

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@jacquimalis this functionality has been in review for over a year and has been asked for by everyone for 2 years+.


Any indication on how it's going? This is NB functionality and many of our clients are begging for it. 




Agree.  I just signed onto Hubspot expecting this functionality and am utterly disappointed.

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Hi all,


The social team is currently working on the infrastructure in order to support location tagging. This feature is on our radar as something we want to build for our users, but have some steps we need to complete first as well as deeper research into our network APIs. Thank you for your valued feedback and your patience. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in talking about this feature on a call please feel free to directly message me to set up a time. 


Hi Tracy, it would be very helpful to tag people and places in social media posts!



2 years and still the same answers. It would be amazing if this could be done soon! Such an important feature. Other planning platforms are able to do it. Why not Hubspot?


@jacquimalis  Even more important than locations though for us is PEOPLE tagging. While many of our employees are connected to our audiences in LinkedIn, Hubspot (or LinkedIn?) doesn't allow us to tag people that are not connected to the company account. 

Also, tagging (and including links) in an original post is discouraged for better LinkedIn reach. So the other feature that would be helpful is to pre-schedule a post comment with tagging and links in the comment. (In fact, if the person tagging limitation is from LinkedIn, how about allowing us to do the following:

  • Schedule a post from the company account without tags or links
  • Schedule a comment 5 minutes after the original post that includes tags and links
  • The comment with tags could be posted by a real person with connections to the people we want to tag to the post.

This would solve a lot of issues. 

Thank you!


I'm new to using the hubspot social - i love it but it really REALLY needs the ability to tag companies like all the other platforms! Is there an update on this Hubspot?????


Hi. This was posted almost 4 years ago - have there been any updates to this? It's really annoying to have to go into each platform and manually add the location tags.