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Playbooks in Marketing Hub + download option

Our marketing team would like to have the Playbook option. It would be great to have Playbooks available at least for viewing at the company level, not only for Sales Enterprise users. Yes, to create and edit/publish it could remain at the Enterprise level, but the rest of the company could at least have an option of viewing them at the company/contact/deal level.

Also, it would be very very helpful to be able to export/download a playbook from Hubspot. So we could easily share it with our colleagues from other departments.


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Yes! We also have the need for non-sales people to view playbook answers.  Use Case: We created a Sales-to-Onboarding Handoff playbook. It includes all of the info collected in the sales cycle that an onboarding manager would want to know prior to onboarding kickoff with the new customer.  Only after creating the playbook did we realize our onboarding team cannot access it! Unfortunately, we cannot justify the purchase of sales licenses for members of our onboarding team just to view the answers of a playbook.  We like the idea of having the ability to download or export the answers and associated notes of a playbook.  At least then a user with a sales license could download/export and send to the onboarding team as an attachment. 


The ideia of downloading and exporting the answers in playbooks is great! I'd love to have this for data analysis.


Yes! Would love to be able to download and export a completed playbook from a contact!