Playbooks - Drag and Drop Editing


I tried looking for other submissions like this but didn't find one...

We need the ability to move questions/fields around inside playbooks we're building. 


    Ex. We'd like to move the 1st question in a playbook to the end of the playbook.


Right now, that means we need to rebuild the playbook just to change the order of questions, and that's a pretty big barrier to Playbooks being useful for us in the spirit of agility and ability "pivot" certain aspects of our sales process if needed. 

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Hi @DevinRZC_DM ,

  I think that this is a great idea and have upvoted your post as well! Thank you for sharing this!

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I agree this feature needs to be added ASAP. I just spent hours building a playbook and realized the order was wrong. Spent more time recreating. 

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Not having this functionality is costing us and our clients hours!

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We need this for numerous clients... asap!! thanks 

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How is this not possible?? We also really need this feature. Any update on the status? 


Please get this done! Thanks


none too small of a step. Upvoting it. I am crazy about the feature. Cannot reuse work without it. 


Agreed. so much wasted time re-creating just to change the order.


Please, please fix this!  It's such a time waste... and it would be so simple to do!


It seems like a basic hygiene factor so was surprised when I couldn't do this as I edited a playbook. Would save a lot of time.


Man, I am new to Hubspot and just bumped up against this problem.  I am very particular about this kind of stuff and agree with above comments that it is a huge waste of time and reduces agility and the ability to iterate and improve Playbooks.  Seems like it should be an easy fix, and has been identified as an issue for quite some time.  Piling on even though it seems no one is listening: please fix this!


Just started working with Playbooks. I am using Chrome browser and I was able to grab one of the questions (after several failed attempts) and I saw the little graphic to the left of my mouse pointer that showed a small dotted frame and a plus sign. This was an indication to me that I could drag and drop my questions. However, when I moved it to the new location, the question simply disappeared. Turns out this drag and drop function is from the Chrome browser rather than native to the Hubspot module.


The only way to reorder the questions is to recreate the question in the new order you want which is a major pain and crazy poor UX IMHO. Of course, there's a work around... just map out your questions before building them in the Playbooks area. But even so, would be so much better if a HubSpot drag and drop function was implemented.



Crazy that this was released without drag and drop. Seems like it should have been part of MVP considering it is an internal form builder.