Our Hubspot was moved from one supplier to our own company marketing and as such some landing pages, blog posts, CTS's were already in place.  When taking over and doing new landing pages with forms, found that there were problems in how the information is given: 

  • The wording in the user interface comes off as a little confusing to users. More specifically, the wording under Form Submission Notifications settings within the landing page editor states, "Send form notifications to specified email addresses instead of the form defaults."

This can be misconstrued as there is NO a place to set up a default notification address for forms, as opposed to the form notification addresses set at the form level - (and if you had not set the forms up yourself, have no idea as the what this default is) which is not very evident until you have gone into each and every form to check the emails that have been entered into the fields.

  • This wouldnt have been too tedious except for the fact that we have 50+ landing pages to check email addresses and 29+forms to go through
  • It would be helpful to have a place within the tool to set a default address for all forms which can be toggled on/off at the form or landing page level.
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or if company sales or marketing users address can be ticked to be added to the list instead.

If we could do this, then an association could also be made at a setting level of how many FORMS or LANDING PAGES would be affected if an email address was changed (i.e. change of sales manager to another)