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Pipeline specific Default Deal Properties

Hello Team, 


Our use case:

We have various pipelines, for various sales cycles and sometimes various types of contacts or companies.

The Deal's information we need to access depend on the pipeline the deal is in. Since the "default deal properties" is made to display the "most important" information of a deal, we need this group of "most important" information to be pipeline specific.


Our suggestion:

To propose to create multiple "default deal properties", each one having a name. Then, admin should be able to decide to which pipeline to apply this "default deal properties". A "default deal properties" may be applied to one or more pipelines. It's ok to have a limit on the possible numbers of possible "default deal properties" if needed. 10 or 20 maximum would already be amazing.


Note: I've written the above with the understanding that "default deal properties" are controlling both the "about" section on the deal and the properties available when creating a new deal on the card that's opening on the right of the screen.




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Up to 164 votes til now, but can't see why HubSpot would need more usecases. This logic is the same in tickets and deals and we simply needs pipeline specific properties....we don't need the same view for all pipelines, it simply does not make sense.


Again, I may share why this is urgently needed for our internal workflow for us: (Tickets)


If you see pipelines as independend processes it totally makes sence not to see the same properties each pipeline, but rather set custom  specific properties each pipeline.



Pipeline A: Incoming Claims from Production (product damage, or shipping damage)

Pipeline B: Returns Process (We need to inform our customer that a parcel has returned and need to aglin with them and send the item out again to an ( possibly updated) address.

Pipeline C: Address-Issue (at that stage we are unable to ship the orders, since we need to get in touch with the customer)


Currently I must set one propertie with all possible propertie values of A, B & C, which makes it confusing. Plus if we had that feature done, the ticket surface or mask would reflect the actual cases and properties in a correct manner, not everything bunched together...


I rather have specific properties and values for each A, B & C and set in which pipeline they should go and hence be reflected.

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A further use case is to get better buy-in from the various teams and managers that use Hubspot. We want them to enjoy using Hubspot and want to encounter as little resistance as possible to its implementation into the organisation.


We all know those individuals and teams that are resistant to change. They'd rather do it the old way they know and not see the new, better way. They'll nitpick at anything and make a drama of using the new system. Forcing them to see potentially 10s of irrelevant fields on the left of their info panel is just fuel to their fire.


We know they will be blown away by how good Hubspot is eventually, let's just make it more user-friendly Smiley Happy.

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+1 to almost everything that's been said. Different processes require different info.

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We have the same issue.  Multiple pipelines and we want different deal input parameters to be required for some pipelines but not others. We also do not want a massive number of field options when adding a deal to a pipeline.


At present, the only way to do this is to create separate Hubspot accounts for our differentiated pipelines, but then they do not integrate....


Can Hubspot designers work on this?