Pipeline specific Default Deal Properties

Hello Team, 


Our use case:

We have various pipelines, for various sales cycles and sometimes various types of contacts or companies.

The Deal's information we need to access depend on the pipeline the deal is in. Since the "default deal properties" is made to display the "most important" information of a deal, we need this group of "most important" information to be pipeline specific.


Our suggestion:

To propose to create multiple "default deal properties", each one having a name. Then, admin should be able to decide to which pipeline to apply this "default deal properties". A "default deal properties" may be applied to one or more pipelines. It's ok to have a limit on the possible numbers of possible "default deal properties" if needed. 10 or 20 maximum would already be amazing.


Note: I've written the above with the understanding that "default deal properties" are controlling both the "about" section on the deal and the properties available when creating a new deal on the card that's opening on the right of the screen.




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Pipeline specific Default Deal PropertiesHubSpot Moderator

Hi HubSpot Community,

We really appreciate the continued feedback on this post. Allowing pipeline specific deal properties is certainly something we hope to look in to. However, at this stage the work has not been planned or scheduled. Please continue to provide examples and use-cases for this feature - it will help us build a better solution when the time comes. We'll update this post when we have further clarity on when we plan to build this functionality. 


- Dylan

Pipeline specific Default Deal PropertiesHubSpot Moderator

Hi HubSpot community - thank you all for providing your feedback on this issue. I'm a member of our Product team and I wanted to let you all know that this is something we are actively thinking about and hope to deliver soon! Please continue to provide examples and use-cases on this issue, I will provide an update once this functionality is closer to beta. 

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Surely this is enough upvotes?

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Hi, I work for an agency and I found that this is a very big limit, it's the second customer that didn't choose to use hubspot also for the CRM for this motivation.


Use case are evident, If I have a 2 completly different business line with completly different pipeline it's obvious that i may need having a custom properties displayed on the deals and displayed when I creates a deals.


I love hubspot but sometimes it has very incomprehensible limits to me.


Hope this will be fixed.

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We have a very similar use case.  We need to be able to have a table view of deals that is specific to each pipeline.  We have different sales teams selling different products.  Each team needs to see information relevant to their pipeline.  The dataset that is need varries significantly from one team to the next.




Same idea here. We have different type of pipelines transactions, and it will be wonderful to have a default properties adapted to each pipes.

Thanks for the dev !


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I was disappointed when I found out HubSpot could not do this – I simply assumed the software would be able to create different default properites for different pipelines. Not having this functionality will hinder my teams, as my different teams need to quickly access different important information in their pipelines.


Please address this soon. HubSpot Sales Professional isn't cheap, after all.


Completely agree as we have a complex sales process for each pipeline. We're working in a double sided market place that has different deal properties depending on which side of the business our sales team is focusing. Looking forward to trying the Beta once released.

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Same for us we have two different sales funnels with completely different properties regarding the prospects. Therefore it would be important for us to have different deal properties for each funnel.