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Pipeline specific Default Deal Properties

Hello Team, 


Our use case:

We have various pipelines, for various sales cycles and sometimes various types of contacts or companies.

The Deal's information we need to access depend on the pipeline the deal is in. Since the "default deal properties" is made to display the "most important" information of a deal, we need this group of "most important" information to be pipeline specific.


Our suggestion:

To propose to create multiple "default deal properties", each one having a name. Then, admin should be able to decide to which pipeline to apply this "default deal properties". A "default deal properties" may be applied to one or more pipelines. It's ok to have a limit on the possible numbers of possible "default deal properties" if needed. 10 or 20 maximum would already be amazing.


Note: I've written the above with the understanding that "default deal properties" are controlling both the "about" section on the deal and the properties available when creating a new deal on the card that's opening on the right of the screen.




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January 04, 2020 07:45 AM

Hi @VagaeNatus - thank you for your follow up here. 

This original idea contained 2 great feature improvements that are different segments of work for our teams and cannot be completed in tandem. Since we have delivered on one of the ideas, our community team has advised that we keep this idea marked as "delivered". 

However, since the other half of the suggestion is yet to be implemented (the ability to use different properties upon deal/ticket creation), I created another idea to track development. I've also set the idea to "In planning" as we are actively determining the best way to solve this problem and it is something we do plan to implement. 

Thank you for your continued feedback, I'm also looking forward to marking that idea delivered as well! 

- Dylan 

October 16, 2019 11:55 AM

Hi Tim, 


When combing through the thread, I did notice this to be about 30% of the case that was mentioned. Unfortunately, this is not part of the update I posted about above but it is firmly on our radar. 


We are beginning to kick off work on that front (creating deals) but I felt as if the majority of the asks here were around the data that displays on Deals. We're well aware of the case for conditional required properties based on a pipeline an object is created in and will update this thread (or another, if it pops up) once we have that in a beta! 

Thanks as always for your continued feedback on our product 


- Dylan


October 16, 2019 10:22 AM

Hi HubSpot Community,

Thank you for your continued feedback and input on the Community. I'm excited to update this post to "delivered", as of today we have introduced the ability to display conditional data on records into beta. Here is a knowledge doc that explains the capability.


In short, Professional users can now add customizable sections to their records; Enterprise users can customize what displays on records depending on the team a user is on or a property on the object (ex: pipeline). This update also comes jam-packed with property updates, such as the ability to delete or regroup HubSpot Default Properties. 


We'll have a more detailed product blog post coming soon, but I wanted to personally let all of you on the community know first!

If you're interested in using this functionality - navigate to "properties" within settings. If you are a Super Admin you will see a toggle in the bottom left hand corner that will allow you to unlock the new experience. We hope to make continued improvements to this experience before rolling it out more broadly as the defacto experience. 

As always, thank you for your continued feedback. Here on HubSpot Product we're always eager to improve your experience to help your business grow better! 


- Dylan Sellberg
Product Manager

June 13, 2019 07:42 AM

Hi HubSpot Community,

We really appreciate the continued feedback on this post. Allowing pipeline specific deal properties is certainly something we hope to look in to. However, at this stage the work has not been planned or scheduled. Please continue to provide examples and use-cases for this feature - it will help us build a better solution when the time comes. We'll update this post when we have further clarity on when we plan to build this functionality. 


- Dylan

October 21, 2018 04:54 PM

Hi HubSpot community - thank you all for providing your feedback on this issue. I'm a member of our Product team and I wanted to let you all know that this is something we are actively thinking about and hope to deliver soon! Please continue to provide examples and use-cases on this issue, I will provide an update once this functionality is closer to beta. 

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@ Hubspot Product Managers: this 'Pipeline specific Default Deal Properties' is actually one use case for this more general idea 'Conditionally display and/or make mandatory properties'





I'm seeing that this has been a request since 2017 and 130+ upvotes.


@bsn , Is this something that is being worked on? It seems like many user would greatly benefit from this feature.

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we would love this feature 🙂

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Today is the 2nd years anniversary of this feature request. It got 143 upvotes and 43 replies but has not been moved yet to "Planning" by Hubspot. I hope this happens soon.


@VagaeNatus agreed! This seems to be an important capability for many. Businesses will likely outgrow HubSpot quickly for pipeline management if features like this aren't prioritised.

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+1 from me.


I can see real use for the powerful pipeline tools outside of the sales stage, such as where there are processes to be completed after a sale is complete.


Use case: Onboarding pipeline

  • Deals get moved from won on the sales pipeline to the onboarding pipeline (When deal is complete, create a new one on the 2nd pipeline)
  • The onboarding team would move the onboarding pipeline 'deal' through the stages to get the customer set up and going with our product
  1. The sales pipeline needs to see default fields like amount, deal source, close dates, business types, etc
  2. The onboarding pipeline needs to see default fields like, date of onboarding start/close, onboarding owner and other administrative tasks.

Definitely +1

(Although we need this feature in "Tickets" as well, but the main idea remains the same).


It makes sense to have different properties for different pipelines in the process. We currently see Pipeline A as our daily business process for complaints, but pipeline B (that could be returns in our case) are completely different ticket properties.


You may want to ask in pipeline A why the ticket has been opened (product damaged/shipping in delay etc.), but you never would want to see these "default" properties in your pipeline B, since (in respect to returs) you may want to set properties like why the parcel has returned for example.


Therefore I really hope HS takes this request that has been opened for a long time now into action and tickets/deals will be available with different properties due to the choosen pipeline they are in. 


Really all we really need in our company , is to define what properties we'd like to see when we create a deal in certain pipeline... there are some initial properties that do not apply to all pipelines... right now we have to add an option in each property that says "N/A" to show that that property in particular does not apply to that pipeline... sounds easy to do


"N/A" to all "useless" properties in various pipelines also screws your reports...why is there no action from Hubspot since 146 need this urgently?


+1 for us


150 upvotes and two years time. Let's get this feature added!



HubSpot Employee

Submitting on behalf of my customer, who was looking for a similar feature. 
Use Case is they run financial services, and would like to have the About section of the deal different for each of their pipeline to quickly get an over view of the deal properties most important to that pipeline.


155 Votes, more than 2 years since initial request, 0 reaction from HubSpot. This is really disgrace. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community,

We really appreciate the continued feedback on this post. Allowing pipeline specific deal properties is certainly something we hope to look in to. However, at this stage the work has not been planned or scheduled. Please continue to provide examples and use-cases for this feature - it will help us build a better solution when the time comes. We'll update this post when we have further clarity on when we plan to build this functionality. 


- Dylan


We could really use this on the Service Hub Pipeline side. We've got three pipelines on Service Hub, with different users using different pipelines. There are many extra steps to see all the fields for the appropriate data to be entered into the ticket. Pipeline Default Properties or Default Property Views would solve this issue. 





We definitely want this feature to make different default deal properties per pipeline. Besides using Hubspot for sales we would really like to use it as well for funding/investor relations and supplier selection. Hopefully Hubspot will implement this feature asap 🙂


Please add this feature asap, we really need this to have other departments easily working with pipelines as well (like investor relations, supplier selection).


Also, a suggestion could be to change the name Sales to Pipeline as the dealflow/pipeline functionality is applicable for other departments as well.


@TomSelten  You may want to look into utilizing Tickets for departments outside of sales. So once a deal reaches a certain stage you can have a workflow create a ticket and assign it to the desired deptment. Creating the ticket using a workflow automatically associates the ticket to the correct deal as well so it a bit neater.


The rule we adopted is: If there is not a dollar amount then it is not a deal. 


I am very surprised this is not an obvious inclusion in the system. It is urgently needed. My sales team are very frustrated seeing totally unrelated fields on their deals. 



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Contributor | Diamond Partner

I am a bit surprised this isn't a feature yet and that HubSpot still need more use cases to consider implementing this.


When working with enterprise customers we notice a bigger demand for this. We have several customers who have sales offices across the world. There are properties used in the US that wouldn't be used in Europe and Asia. Also working across various industries in the same company there are custom properties that is used in one business unit but not in the others. 


This should also be implemented in the Ticket Pipelines