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Pipeline specific Default Deal Properties

Hello Team, 


Our use case:

We have various pipelines, for various sales cycles and sometimes various types of contacts or companies.

The Deal's information we need to access depend on the pipeline the deal is in. Since the "default deal properties" is made to display the "most important" information of a deal, we need this group of "most important" information to be pipeline specific.


Our suggestion:

To propose to create multiple "default deal properties", each one having a name. Then, admin should be able to decide to which pipeline to apply this "default deal properties". A "default deal properties" may be applied to one or more pipelines. It's ok to have a limit on the possible numbers of possible "default deal properties" if needed. 10 or 20 maximum would already be amazing.


Note: I've written the above with the understanding that "default deal properties" are controlling both the "about" section on the deal and the properties available when creating a new deal on the card that's opening on the right of the screen.




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 Great idea, it vould be very useful ! 






It would be super useful if the fields displayed on Create A Deal tab were dependent to the Pipeline selected. 


We have several different pipelines and the fields each specific pipeline need when creating a deal differ greatly. Right now the only option appears to be just adding the "Set the properties your team sees when creating deals." which is not a good solution. This clutters up the list massivly and people are less likely to fill in the fields because there are so many.


This idea would also be great on the contact/company if you could make the fields displayed dependent on a specific field.


Yes please


Yes, would be great addition. Please implement soon. Thanks.


@RyanBarbour@Matthew_Melay and @wadefitzgerald: looks like this idea is a duplicate of an already existing one and having 69 upvotes. For an idea to be released, it's important it has lots of upvote, which means having all the upvotes in one place. If this idea is actually the same (please check) I'd suggest:

1/ You upvote the original idea

2/ You delete this idea in order to avoid upvotes to be spread out in the future.


Here it is: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Pipeline-specific-Default-Deal-Properties/idi-p/12943


yes, please implement.


We need this to support our multiple business pipelines. 


When will this be implemented?? 


We need this ASAP as it's confusing our team and actually making it more difficult. 





We'd love to see this feature too


This functionality would allow us to integrate and manage a growing number of pilot projects with greater nuance than our basic sales tracking can manage without making every record so cumbersome - generating greater value and an increased propensity for closing deals and turning Contacts into Customers! 


We NEED this!! I'm not aware of how much attention HubSpot is paying to its CRM, but this kind of features are a must!!