Pin more than 1 Note on a record, ordered by date

I'm surprised this isn't already a feature - but myself and my entire sales team would find it very useful to be able to pin more than one Note on a record.

To make it simple, you could order pinned items by create/edit date.

When you have a long history with a contact, it isn't feasible or practical to scroll all the way down their record looking for Notes. At the moment the only workaround to make more than one Note appear near the top of a record is to copy an old Note and re-create it with a more recent date, which is annoying.

Anyone else agree with me?

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Completely agree with you!

In addition to notes it would be super usefull to be able to pin multiple timeline events/activity. For example, we continually need to reference forms that our contact submits very early on when they first contact us. To be able to pin this form (a timeline activity) and additional notes would be very helpful.


Save us time from having to filter and scroll to the bottom of the page and add the most updated/timely notes about the contact.

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Yes, agreed. Any updates? Our previous CRM for sales, Pipedrive, allowed you to pin multiple notes to the top of a deal, contact, or company. It was sorted in order by date of add.