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I find it strange that I can pin 'notes' on a contact or deal, but I can't do that with a call. Often I make a call and write down what we discussed for later. If I want to pin this information I have to copy it to a note and then pin it... Why can't we pin every action?

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When I speak to my prospects on the phone I take notes about the account. 


rarely would I make a critical note out of the blue, not from a call or email


Pinning calls would allow for the KEY call to be the "Note" and this would be used daily for me


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Yes please! We actually add a note to the call saying to look for a note for the call detail. This way we can track the type of call it was (demo 1, 2, 3, etc.) since we can now that we can create call types. Thank you for that by they way! Then we have to create a note to store those demo call notes in so they can be pinned. It is not a great way to do it, but we have to do it this way. Hopefully pinning other types of content wont be so much work that it gets burried in the dev schedule (if it makes it on).

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It would be very helpful to Pin Form Submissions - since this generally contains key info a customer gives us from lead magnets or other areas... 


Don't forget about TICKETS too!



Pinning should be allowed through Activity/Timeline/Engagement API as well!

This would accomodate when migrating onto Hubspot from another system.

Example: API creates a single Note engagement that is a summary of all "notes" from the other system - and PINS it.

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Yes, we calling a lot from HubSpot and make notes which you can't pin at the moment.

So, please add "Pin" possibility also for Call notes.

Thank you!


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Calls are just notes with extra data :-P

Let us pin them like notes please! Smiley Very Happy

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Yes! So often my most important comments are in call notes. Being able to pin a call is a really important feature that is currently missing. Please add the ability to pin a call!

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I have the newest Beta version and I can now pin calls, mails, etc.


This idea can be marked as completed Smiley Wink

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Confirmed, I can pin calls, emails, tasks, and notes.

But... :-)

Currently, they only allow pinning one item at a time. Pin a Call. If you wanted to also pin an email as well... then the you need to unpinn the call. Not sure why you can only pin 1 thing. 


Still unable to pin a form submission. 


Finally, a new feature like this should also be available throught the hubspot api's. 

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HubSpot Product Team
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Thanks @Levyn and @Wholesale-Solar ! Updated to Delivered Smiley Very Happy