Pin Contact Activities

After a contact has a few activities logged, it often gets difficult to locate key info that is not covered in a contact property. For example, during phone conversation, a contact mentions something important to them, such as website design goals, best times of day to contact them or maybe even the names of their family members. It should be possible to pin any activity, such as a phone call, email, note, etc. to a Pinned list. A similar idea is executed in Slack, where you can pin any message, attachment, etc, then it is easilly accessible by clicking the Pinned icon at the top of the channel. In Hubspot there is already a filter on activity, that includes Activity, Notes, Emails, Calls, Tasks. There should additionally be a "Pinned" filter tab for these pinned items. 

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I'll +1 this.

A pinned tab makes sense - though the ability to Pin all types of activities is missing.

Pinning 'Form Submissions would be huge. Majority of our leads come in as Forms..


Maybe a spin on this would be 'Custom Tabs' that could basically be tabs that 'pre-filter' activities based on the Filter Activity functionality.

With the obvious addition of a filter for 'Pinned'.



Pinning should be allowed through Activity/Timeline/Engagement API as well!

This would accomodate when migrating onto Hubspot from another system.

Example: API creates a single Note engagement that is a summary of all "notes" from the other system - and PINS it.


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 I would definitely like to Pin an email.  Some emails come with attachments AND it is much easier to pin the emails with those attachments then have to download them and reattach them on a note.