'Pimp' the Preferences / Settings Page!

Hi there,


We're struggling with the current setup for email types, preferences page and subscription options. From what we've experienced with our HS customers, the current setup is not very customer-friendly:


There should be one single place (preferences settings page) where a subscriber can manage their email types, contact details and blog update frequency.



It's simply not user-friendly if I have to write in an email footer > 'If you want to unsubscribe, you have to click here (preference page) but if you want to adapt your email blog update frequency or contact data, you have to click here (subscription landing page).


Further, the preference settings page should be multilingual as it is a legal requirement in some european countries to have this page in the language of the country. We work for a client who has blogs in 5 languages, and a preferences settings page only in english doesn't meet these requirements.



I'm not a fan of 'email types' but if working with them, it would be helpful to link blog update frequency directly to a specific email type. E.g. we have 2 different blogs for buyer persona A and B in 5 different lanugages = 10 blogs, 10 email types each with 2 frequency options. So if a user unsubscribes to one blog, this should directly be reflected in the frequency property...


Or am I missing something? How is your setup with preferences pages?


Our work-around is to place a second preferences settings page after the first one where we have a form for frequency and contact details. But as email types and frequency properties are not directly linked, it's more confusing for the subscriber than helpful.  


I'm wondering what are your thoughts on that.


Big Yodel from Switzerland



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