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Pictures for Products on Quotes

I am looking to add pictures to the products that you can put on quotes. I like the idea of being able to close deals right from HubSpot, without having to go into my inventory management system, pull products, create a quote there, save as a PDF, and upload into HubSpot.


Our products are very visual, so pictures would be so, so valuable, and really make quotes stand out. If you also would like to see this feature, please upvote!

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @ParkerShort. Thanks for the feedback, it is very helpful. As you pointed out, images, while supported, leave something to be desired from a bulk management and hosting perspective. I don't have an any update or immediate plans for this but will keep you posted if anything changes. 


Thanks again, 


HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, Tori here. I’m excited to announce that adding product pictures to quotes is now supported in our new Customized Quote Templates tool. 


Users can customize our default quote templates in our no-code editor to add product images in our rich text or line items modules that pull right from your product data. Alternatively you can work with a developer to create custom modules that best showcase your product images. 

To learn more about our Customized Quote Template tool, click here.