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Pictures for Products on Quotes

I am looking to add pictures to the products that you can put on quotes. I like the idea of being able to close deals right from HubSpot, without having to go into my inventory management system, pull products, create a quote there, save as a PDF, and upload into HubSpot.


Our products are very visual, so pictures would be so, so valuable, and really make quotes stand out. If you also would like to see this feature, please upvote!

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How do I super Like this idea???


Any news about this topic ? any plugin or workaround ?


please add this!




This would be highly appreciated!


Absolutely yes!

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I can show an image column if I edit columns on my quote but there is no way to load images against the line items, is there a way to do it? if not why let me add an image column?


This would be immensely helpful. 

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Commenting for a customer here.

Would love to see pictures on products, be it for quotes or just for internal users to review within the product settings page.


I am in a design field this needs to be a must in this section. Making it easier for us to communicate clearly what is being done. 



This would be a great feature for our business!  I would to be able to see product images on the quote.


This would be a fantastic way to drive clarity for some of the complex items we quote.

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Comenting for a customer, Would be a super helpful feature ! 


There is an images field in the product properties, but it's a single line text field, not even sure what you are supposed to do with that???

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So keen to hear an update here! 

Much needed functionality. 

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We serve many Hubspot users and all of them want to have pictures on Quotes and products-library. 


Commenting for a customer in the design/remodeling space - this add-on would be huge!

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Hi all - My name is Tori and I am the Product Manager taking over ownership of our quotes tool. I know it has been a little while since we've provided an update on this idea. Some exciting news, this feature is now in Open Beta as a part of the Custom Quote Templates beta. This beta will allow admins to add product images to custom quotes templates in a few ways. 


  1. Images can be added to line items using our line item module. Images will dynamically pull from line items added to your quote.
  2. Images can be added to quotes using our rich text module.
  3. Images can be coded into a custom template using our image, rich text, line items, or custom built modules. 

This is a fairly new feature for us. Any feedback you have on it would be greatly appreciated. 



Here is a a little more information about the Custom Quotes beta.


What does this mean? 

Beta participants can create custom quote templates using our default templates or templates created for them by a developer. These templates can then be used by sales reps in the quote wizard.


What features does this include?

This beta allows user to:

- Add/remove/changing text, images, videos, links, files etc on a template

- Add/remove columns to the line item table (including images!)

- Show/hide modules of the template 

- Add personalization tokens to templates

- Show/hide total, subtotal, and additional fee sections

- Update colors and fonts
- Associate a domain with a template


Who is eligible for the beta? 

All Sale Pro and Enterprise portals are eligible to join the beta. 


How can you access it?  

You can now request beta access by contacting your customer success manager. If you are unsure of who your CSM is, please contact


Thank you all for your patience here. We appreciate your feedback! 

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Hi Tori, Thanks for the update. One thing that would help us is more ways to get line item images into HubSpot. We have a db of over 10k products with 1-10 images per piece, and so we've been trying to reference their existing URLs for the image. Unfortunately, we run into insecure content warning issues with this page, and we're currently trying to engineer some adjustments to our existing site to try to support this.


It'd be great if HubSpot had a way to try to copy that image into the system when referenced, and then if that failed (or there wasn't an image), provide an option for uploading an image as a backup. Trying to get our sales reps to find a URL for an image is a non-starter. In general, I'd love to see if HubSpot could try to grab a copy of the image when the image url is provided, and then maybe flag products where it wasn't able to find one. 


Hope that helps. Happy to discuss as well.