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Pick Email Footer for In-Form Follow Up Emails

We have multiple brands in our portal and would like to be able to select different email footers for follow up messages setup in Forms.  Currently, the tool is limited so that only a default email footer can be used, however, editing this footer for the form changes the global email footer... something we don't want to do, as the default footer is for a different brand.  The current workaround for this is to create a workflow to do the follow up with a custom email instead since custom emails do allow you to swap out the email footers. However, that takes a bit longer to setup.  Having the follow up right through the form is more streamlined. The current setup makes us unable to use the tool for brands other than our primary brand. I'd like to suggest that Hubspot adds the option to swap out the email footer for in-form Follow ups.  I think other people who have multiple brands in Hubspot would find value in this option. Please upvote if you would also find this useful!

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This would be extremly helpful to us aswell. We want to use different footers with different contact information depending on which country we're targeting.


I agree with the above!  Make it happen @hubspot 


Totally agree. I run Marketing for EMEA from our London office and have a footer with that address. It's extremely frustrating not to be able to use the follow up facility within form as it will only send with our US address. I followed your workaround - fine, but it's a lot more work. Really silly that one set of emails can have the correct footer but others cannot.


Plus 1 here, can't understand how this isn't possible. We want/need to use local addresses.



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Just searched for this a few minutes ago. I'm hoping this was resolved and this is just an old post? It would be a shame if this feature hasn't been fixed in a year's time since it was noticed. I was wondering why this option wasn't present when creating a follow-up email, and though we have all our footers (80+ now) programmed in, it's a bit disheartening that we did all that for nothing if this feature isn't functional at the moment.


I have this exact same issue. The ability to retain multiple email footers is beneficial in many other circumstances as well and it would be great if the team at HubSpot enables the user to choose a footer for a specific use case.




Absolutely agree - seems an obvious and useful feature. Please make it happen soon Hubspot!


I agree that it would be nice to select a specific footer, including the ability to format the text.

The default email footer for in-form follow-up emails is oddly spaced:


Company Name

Street address






I feel that the formatting could, at least, put the City, State, and Zip on the same line. It's odd seeing a state's two-letter abbreviation (e.g. "CA") on its own.


Interesting, or we can choose if we use footer. 

if I change footer, it will influence all forms footer.



We definitely need more options for styling the footer on form follow-up emails. What exists now is hardly a footer at all, it's just a list of attributes, and it's ugly.


Agree with this suggestion! The HTML emails make the footer several lines tall of just stacked address information which comes in looking quite funny and can be perceived as a mistake or oversight to our clients. Would love to at least be able to format the footer if not have multiple options. Thanks!


Just been searching for the exact same thing and came across this idea on the community page. Really fustrated that Hubspot still hasn't actioned this! The ability to switch between multiple email footers for the 5 brands I manage would be extremely beneficial and save me so much hassle!!


Hubspot please can you take action!


Get your skates on Hubspot, it's ridiculous this feature is not availble