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Hi team,


Changes to the photo editing options in the File Manager have caused our users to have to take extra steps to edit their photos effectively for social posts, to put on website pages, and to insert in emails.


It would be great to see the following improvements to our photo editing tools allow our users to centralize their photo editing in HubSpot and not have to use other external tools!


  1. Increased functionality beyond cropping and resizing - for example, custom photo filters, frames, graphics, and overlays.
  2. An easier photo cropping experience: currently, the crop/resize bar at the bottom of the cropping tool cuts off part of the photo, so it makes it more difficult to see exactly what you're cropping and to drag the corners of the cropped version.
  3. The option to clone to different file formats aside from .PNG.


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I am greatly disappointed with the current state of the image editor for Social posts and have spent countless hours trying to navigate it. After speaking on the phone with HubSpot Support multiple times to walk through this issue, I learned that HubSpot previously utilized a 3rd party image editing tool called Adobe "Aviary" which has been discontinued. Thus, HubSpot users no longer have the ability to edit photos like before. An unusable croping/resizing feature has been left.  Images convert to a PNG and size up to large/unusable file sizes. Furthermore, I must also zoom out of my web browser to effectively see what I am croping. 


It was suggested by HubSpot Support that I encourage my team as well as others that utilize HubSpot to comment & upvote a thread like this. With more upvotes, this may signal to HubSpot that this is something customers are looking into. 


Currently, I am forced to utilize another editing tool that I am paying another premium for, save multiple versions of my images to meet the needs of various social media platforms on my computer and then upload these various images to Hubspot. It is my opinion that HubSpot has taken steps backward with regard to this issue and, for the premium users pay for it, I find this unacceptable. HubSpot - Please address ASAP. 

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I agree. The amended photo editor tool is not user friendly at all and a step backwards. 

We have reverted back to Photoshop and Canva for re editing purposes, which is adding another step to the process. 

An updated tool which meets the requirements as the people above have stated is necessary. 


HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

I recently received feedback around the editor that I also found frustrating. 

  • The editor covers the bottom of the photo you're editing, which makes editing awkward as you have to pay attention to that when cropping the photo.
  • You cannot resize and crop in the same session causing many many clones to be created
  • If you resize by typing in the pixel amount the editor does not automatically scale the other dimension causing funny looking photos. this also means you need to know the exact dimensions you'll need for the image to look good if you want to resize in this way.
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Hootsuite automatically optimizes images for various platforms, nothing required on my side. Might have to revert back to their FREE software for this, instead of using Hubspot (which we pay for). Seems counterintuitive.