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Phone number should be an option for identifier



I notice that HubSpot uses email address as the unique identifier for contact.

But in my area many people dont use email often, but every people have an unique phone number.

I'm wondering if i could use phone number as indentifier?


I'm managing the fashion store, how about some customers just don't know khow to read and write?

or some customers just no need an email? or they have but not nessarily to check it often, because they no need to use email to work....


In my area many people don't use emails often, but use the communication social media often, almost every communication social media nowadays request a phone number. 

And everybody has a phone number, and they are unique!


I strongly suggest hubspot make phone number as the indentifier, or make it as an option.




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For months we are trying to identify our customers from the Customer SAtisfaction Survey, 90% of the results are "Unkown Contact" although the survey page is only for registered users. So I find this ridiculous and we are starting now to implement identify by email... However just like vy some of our users prefer to register with phone numbers , therefore we would also like to identify the customers by phone numbers. Implementing this would be very easy, one can copy paste the email code and replace it with phone. So please do us a favor and try implementing this feature.


This is indeed ridiculous not beeing able to switch from email to phone as identifier. We run chatbots for our customers and asking for email makes no sense in a WhatsAppChat...Please address this issue asap!


Yes, having another Company Identifer would be very beneficial.  

Either a Name, Address or Phone #.    Many times we want to do additional data dumps and only being tied to that Company ID or Domain Name makes it much more difficult.   You have to add that data field into your unique spreadsheet.    

More options would help.