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Personalized CTA's for subscription preferences

Hi everyone,


I use HubSpot in Germany, so maybe my words do not match with those in english. Sorry for that.


I have an issue for the CTAs tool under the Marketing Menu. I have designed my own subscription button CI-conform for E-Mail-Marketing for example as double-opt-in confirmation or as a link to lead the customer to the subscritption-preference page.

While I am creating my marketing-mails, HubSpot offers to create simple CTAs with only text to do the task as mentioned above, but I want to choose my own designed CTAs. 

So here ist the problem. There is no option for my own created CTAs to choose subscription options. I don't understand why the options are possible in the E-Mail-Marketing section, but not for own CTA creations.

I think this should be an easy task for the product-managers to solve.


I would really appreciate it.


BR Dimitri