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Personalization tokens in tasks created in bulk on selected records

Hey product team!


Currently, when tasks are created in bulk from records, there is either default task title ("Task for Company Name") or the option to use a custom title.


This custom title doesn't offer the option to use personalization tokens at the moment. (In workflows, the Create task action allows the use of personalization tokens.)


Including the option to use personalization tokens would allow for more flexibility, especially there are certain naming conventions within a portal.


Thanks in advance for reviewing!



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Yeah! We know it can be done, because it does it automatically, but then as soon as you customise it takes the personalisation away! Since the ability is there this should be an easy fix.


We've been using a combination between Outplay and Hubspot. But sometimes is a lack of data reporting between these 2 platforms even tho they are integrated. 


We use the personalization token a lot in Outplay, but that is a feature we don't have within Hubspot. We want to create a sequence for sales rep where we want to insert in general tasks in the notes area, more personalization and guidance. But it seems that we don't have it. Can you guys upgrade this area? I am the only one who is having this challenge? 



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Hi Product Team!


Adding to @karstenkoehler 's request above, it would be great to have personlaisation tokens available when bulk-editing the "Task title" in the Tasks Tool.

Use-case example: Selected Tasks should have their Task titles changed to "{{contact.full_name}} - Confrerence Leads" to label the lead source of the associated Contact


Bulk Edit Tasks ß no Personalisation tokenBulk Edit Tasks ß no Personalisation token


Simliar to this - I would like to see personalization tokens in the notes - Example:

I set a task to visit a prospect's office - or canvassing a new area.  I can create a snippet with the office address and easily see it in the app when traveling around.

It takes 3 clicks and a lot of scrolling to open the company on the app and find the address.
 Add personalization tokens to Task title and notes_LI.jpg


How is this not a feature yet?



I'd like to see this. Seems like an easy but useful fix.


Upvote, so simple yet effective. Would love to see this feature soon (as it is included available in the task title suggestion)


Any news on this?