Personalization Tokens

Happy to see that there were improvements made to customize personalization tokens so we can now use local language and other values rather than one universal default.


Unfortunately though it is required that every personalization token used in a marketing email have a default value. I understand the feature is designed as a safeguard to avoid scenarios where recipients don't have a value for a property on their record and then see the personalization code itself in the email that they receive.


That being said,  we have a requirement in instances not to have any default value.


Contact record only contains first name "Bob"


"Dear [First Name] [Last Name],"

 Would then populate

"Dear Bob,"


Instead of

"Dear Bob   ," 

...instead of the intended...

 "Dear Bob [Last name],"


If we were to populate a last name what default value could we possible use to replace last name?  As a workout in this instance I was able to save the personalization token using a default value of a "single space." This was the best solution to get as close as possible to the results we needed. Although not ideal.


Please allow tokens to avoid the default value requirement