Personalised Password Templates Specific To Individual Landing Pages

At the moment we're only allowed to apply one universal password prompt template across all password protected page. 

I think it would be an awesome addition if we would be able to assign specific password prompt templates to specific landing pages, just to keep the "consistency" between two pages and not be forced to have a generic password prompt page.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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It would be really beneficial as a Company with multiple brands within our organization, to be able to have multiple password protection templates to use across the site. We have 500+ website pages, and not every page or section within our site follows the same title, format, etc.


This really needs to be considered for business improvements.

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I think this would be an 'easier' enablement that would help a lot of people. Please work on this!

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

I would really want to be able to create multiple custom password prompt pages instead of using one page every single time a page is password protected.


Adding page-specific information to the password prompt pages telling visitors where to get information/what to do if they don't have and need the password would be ideal in making it a more contextualized user experience for the customer.

- Posted on behalf of Christy Carson