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Personal Saved Default Dashaboard

Hi there!


I'm a sales rep for my company and loved being able to set my dashboard to my own personal view and view my call notes next to the calls I made for the day. The new dashaboard keeps reverting back to a team view. While that's nice, I work(ed) mainly from my own personal dashboard. Can you guys make a settings feature so my dashboard saves and defaults to my own activity and not my entire teams?????


Many thanks!

Courtney "I like to keep track of my own calls" Noonan

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Totally agree! Seems crazy to have everyone in the whole company have the same default dashboard!


Thanks Courtney and thanks (in advance) HS for making this tweak a reality!


- Frank


 100% agree! The default dashboards that are set up for the Marketing and Sales sides don't necessarily meet the needs of everyone using the tools.  Being able to set the default dashboard view to the ones we actually use the most would be great!


Competely agree with the need for default personalized dashboards. I have 81 sales people on 11 different sales teams. For them all to share the same dashboard is not productive in the least. They know they can create their on personal dashboards, but having to revert back everytime they log-on is not helpful.


Our team definitely needs this. Everyone is at a different stage sales and so everyone tracks their productivity and sales differently. It's difficult to have to find the correct dashboard without everyone adjusting it to fit their needs.


In case anyone hadn't seen it yet, there is now an option to set a default dashboard - both in Sales and Marketing dashboards! My team is very happy. TY HubSpot development team.

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