Personal HubSpot Inbox&Calendar

HubSpot is able to connect to GSuite, O365 and any other mail system that supports IMAP thus emails sent from there or received there get transferred to HubSpot and associated with the respective contact record.


So the connection is established and actually working quite well.


The more I work with HubSpot, the more I work within HubSpot portal because I have everything that I need, be it companies, contacts, tasks, deals, dashboards, automation etc.


But I still have to go into my Outlook which is a bit of a media break.


It would be great to have a personal inbox&calendar (logically only the corporate mail  account that is connected with HubSpot) that completely replaces Outlook or any other additional mail client.



  • We would work faster because we don´t have to switch between systems.
  • HubSpot integration is no longer an admin topic because it´s all built in functionality
  • No additional calendar required (e.g. O365/GMail) to use the meetings and meetings link options.
  • Further potential for automation of registration process of new companies and contacts (e.g. automatic detection of signature area and prefilled but editable form for company and contact registration) 

HubSpot would also benefit greatly from an end user adoption perspective if such users actually LIVE in HubSpot.


A logical next step would be to generate feature parity in this area between the portal and the mobile app. Salesforce Inbox (mobile) is a good example but still separate. Better would be "all in the app".



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I'll second the need for this!!!


This is pretty much a MUST HAVE as pretty much all other CRM's have this.

A Calendar function already seems to exist in Marketing, why port it to CRM.


CRM users want to live and breathe inside CRM, not CRM and outside integations...


Thank you for considering this!