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Persistent HubSpot Community Accounts / User Accounts

If you're a HubSpot Admin like I am, then you've used HubSpot in association with multiple email accounts.    The HubSpot Community portal really wants to link your activity to your current HubSpot login. It's very difficult to log in using an old login - requiring clearing cookies, incognito windows etc.  It's problematic because people leave jobs, and each new login created means that you:

* Lose proof of HubSpot certifications (unless you realized in advance this would be an issue and transferred them to your new account before you lost access to the old one. This isn't always feasible.)

* Lose the ability to be notified when one of your ideas is implemented. 

* Lose badges you've earned

* Lose connections you've made with other community members

* And lose your subscriptions, bookmarks etc.


Because growing the Community is a new priority for HubSpot, it would be great to get this sorted sooner rather than later.