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Permissions to Edit Sales Dashboard

I think there should be the ability to limit the permission to edit the Sales Dashboard.  I've made the dashboard look like I want it to for my sales team...but individual salespeople have the ability to go in and modify it...but it is a "global" view. This makes no sense.  I realize I (or individual salespeople) can create "custom" dashboards, but nevertheless....

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I agree. I am experiencing the same problem. Every morning I log in to the Sales Dashboard and widgets are moved around the specific widget filtering is applied universally. Hoping the engineers at HubSpot can address this and only make admins have the ability to move the dashboard widgets. 


I love this idea. Can't believe it has not been implemented yet. Hubspot has everything except this. Kudos Arun


Definitely needed that each team member can set his own view!


I completely agree! we need this feature too.


HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hello Support team - is there a time line on when the edit restriction for the dashboard will be in place? thank you.


We setup a sales dashboard used by a couple dozen sales reps.  Occassionally one person changes it and it affects everyone!  There must be some way to lock down a global dashboard so that individual users don't accidentally mess it up for everyone!  This seems like a very fundamental feature.  It is not specific to the Sales Dashboard but to any global/default dashboards.


As a new Hubspot user, I'm chocked that there is no way of preventing users from deleting or changing reports.  It took me sometime to understand why the reports I had set up for my sales reps where moved around, changed and deleted. From being very positive to Hubspot my mind have changed to the opposite because of this. I have find the way Hubspot handles users, roles and permissions is horrible and very insecure. And what is worse, this idea was first recorded in 2017, and no solution has been presented 2 years later!!!



Completely agree- admin needs to be able to lock the layout of a dashboard that is assigned to a role/team of users.


This problem is affecting reports that go directly to our Board of Owners - a pretty visible weakness in the platform today.


Should have a pretty good plan by now, given this has been in planning for over 2 years.


Absolutely agree, I have 6 country dashboards that need to be visible globally but I have to go manually check every week to make sure no team members have saved over the filters etc I need. Suprised this isn't built in yet given the permission levels a