Permissions on Child and Parent Teams


We need more differentiated user permissions.

Our Idea:

User can be given permissions to see all data for the child team and also for parent team.

When teams need to work together, we have no possibility to open the access to deals for parent team.


Example Deals:

Parent Team = Sales Germany

Child Team = Sales Berlin

Child Team = Sales Munich

Parent Team = Sales France

Child Team "Sales Berlin" have to work on they own deals, but want to see, what is the pipeline in "Sales Germany".

Parent Team "Sales France" should not see deals from "Sales Germany".


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nice idea

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I like this - i think teams need to account for the fact that multiple users sit in different teams (ie i work in 3 different teams as I am a sales admin) and permissions should become more customisable.


This is vital to enable a team the feature "round robin." without it, we simply cannot take advantage of this much needed feature.



  • Company has more than one business unit with sub-team. 
  • Sub-teams have hand-offs but still assist in working the deal so need visibility into the contacts and deals within a specific pipeline of deals not necessarily owned by them. To do this they need the ability to view deals and contacts from other permission-assigned sub-teams and/or parent teams.
  • Example: Contact owned by field-sales then contact owner passed to inside sales to help close the deal. Field sales may continue to assist even after the deal/contact owner is moved to inside-sales team. 
  • Workflow Example: web inquiries that come in via a form, go into a workflow that auto-assign contacts to inside-sales team in a round-robin. This is not possible the way HS is currently set up if inside sales also need visibility into ALL deals within a specific pipeline even when deals are not yet assigned to them.
  • Then there is the need for Sales ops/admin team for a specific business unit. They need visibility into the contacts and deals from multiple teams but not all deals across the company.
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Agree with @NicoleSengers on this one - it would be ideal to be able to assign deals to teams and then allow permissions to limit users to viewing their teams' deals, rather than their team member's deals. That way, if a member is on two separate teams, a manager can see how his team is doing without seeing other deals that one of his sales people has on another team.