Permission to delete activities, conversations and engagements inside objects.


Hello everyone, we are relative new to Hubspot, and we came from another CRMs software that are more "restricted" in allowing users to delete information. We know there is the option in Hubspot to restrict user permission to delete objects, like tickets, contacts or deals. However this is only a part of the equation, because they can still delete everything there is inside each object.


So far, we have tried 2 scenarios:


1) Make all users "View Only" - This scenario almost solved the problem for us, because with View Only permissions, a user cannot delete any "e-mail, note, os calls" inside the object. The only issue with that scenario is that is not possible to change the object status, like a ticket status for example, move through the pipeline, etc. So we had to throw away this idea.


2) Set all users to Edit only those objects they own. Is this case there is some level of security, because if a user own a ticket he can move through the pipeline, and other users cannot delete any information inside. However it's still possible for the owner to manipulate the recorded information inside, like, deleting e-mails, notes or calls. This is the scenario we are using, however not ideal for the standards of security we are used to in our company.


So, what we would like to see as a feature: a check-box with "Allow users to delete activities and communications". That would solve everything.


So far we have seen this idea have been requested several times by users: