Permission to access individual workflows

Hi all,


I have given a freelancer access to our workflows so that he can develop a workflow with a webhook in it.


I see this as a major security risk.


It would be great if I could give users access to individual workflows, without them having access to all of them.

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I think more importantly than permissions for individual workflows is the need for separation between workflow "enroll" capabilities and workflow "edit" capabilities. 


Use case is: Representatives that work for our company may need to enroll a customer in a one-off campaign. But in order to allow that, I either have to create a dummy property that, when checked, enrolls them into that campaign (which means each campaign would need it's own property) OR I have to grant "God-Mode" to every rep who MAY need to enroll a customer into a marketing workflow for a one-off request for additional educational content.


Why is this a risk? Simple. I can NOT allow representives in the dozens (we have nearly 30 users soon to be transitioning into HubSpot Service Hub) to have access to not only enroll but ALSO go in and EDIT the workflows that our marketing and sales teams have spent nearly a year building. It's a massive risk to infrastructure. 


My proposal is for the following: Workflow EDIT abilities are moved to the MARKETING tab in permissions. Workflow ENROLL abilities go under CRM permissions.

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There is a toggle for creating and editing workflows. Just turn that off for your sales team. They can still enrol people in workflows with this turned off, can't they?