Permission levels: modifiying user permissions

Currently, you can toggle the permissions levels user by user.

It would be great if you could modify some settings by team. We would also love that all types of permissions would have multiple options, not just the 'on/off' switch. 

For lists eg., we would like to be able to select 'everything, team only, owned only', as it is already the case for some contact settings.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

In addition to more granular permissions than an on-off switch, I also find that for many customers it would be beneficial to also have the ability to have more granular control over things like: 

  • Access for bulk editing CRM objects such as tickets and deals similarly to the way that bulk editing can be restricted for contact records.
  • User permissions to enable or remove integrations that affect all users within a portal
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We have had regular CRM Users that have tried integrations, causing HubSpot emails being sent to the whole organisation. It's not really optimal and could be prevented if they where only admin's that could manage integrations for example.




Community Manager
Community Manager

In addition to this, more granular permissions related to the conversations inbox and bots would be ideal. Sometimes, it is beneficial to prevent certain users from acessing bots in the conversations inbox.