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Performance analysis for smart content in marketing emails and pages

Hi there,


we're actually using smart content on our thank you pages and CTAs and considered to build one of our next emails with smart content. Unfortunatly, it's not possible to measure the performance of several versions of the page or email separatly. You only have the performance indicators for the whole element, e.g. numbers sent, opened, clicked regarding emails. With CTAs it's possible to look at the performance of the different versions.


It would be great to have performance metrics for the differenten versions of landing pages, an emails etc, if they're build with smart content - besides to use this information for next actions, e.g. filtering contacts who got version A of this email.


Without this feature, smart content for emails isn't useful for us.


Best wishes


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May 12, 2020 11:57 AM

Hi Contributers, thank you for the idea and for all the feedback, This feature is not available for Marketing Email yet. We are hoping to review this and, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have plans in place.





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this should be a standard reporting feature as long as emails have the option for smart content.


it has been 3 years since this QA be raised up 

lots of time i am wondering if leaving QA here for HS help is a waste of time
no matter the need here could be solved easily or not by HS
you may take years to get the result

life is short , business fight for survival every momentif you see the QA here and without HS Official reply
just move on to find another solution without HS would be best way
your problem cant be solved





Is there any update on this issue? Not being able to track the results from smart content is a huge miss for marketers. 


Please please please fix this! Why wouldn't we be able to see these metrics, since it was sent? 


Hi there, has there been an update on this? It seems like it should be a pretty standard reporting feature and it's really surprising this hasn't been implemented yet. 

Membre | Partenaire solutions Diamond

Our clients really need this - smart content is a great feature for marketing emails but they need to be able to report on, evaluate and compare performance

Membre | Partenaire solutions Elite

This feature would be such a value add. Any updates? 🙏 


Just adding this message as an upvote to add this functionality for emails. Email is still a huge driver for us and this would be an invaluable tool to do better with those efforts.

I would love to see this and features like it prioritized over flashier, less immediately useful features (generative AI is nice, but most of what is currently offered can be done for free or cheap with outside tools). 


This would be a huge improvement in reporting possibilities. Furthermore, it would allow us to run A/B test directly to a Smart Rule at a global or page-level. 


Has there been any updates on if this request is being planned or on the roadmap? thanks! 


Do you plan to implement this future in the next quarter? Running the AB Test directly in one email would be super helpful. And see results of different versions.


We really need this. What is the use of smart rules if we can't analyse the results of it?!

Contributeur | Partenaire solutions Platinum

This is a common request from the clients at our agency, where folks typically use lists to display different pieces of content in emails.