Performance analysis for smart content in marketing emails and pages


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we're actually using smart content on our thank you pages and CTAs and considered to build one of our next emails with smart content. Unfortunatly, it's not possible to measure the performance of several versions of the page or email separatly. You only have the performance indicators for the whole element, e.g. numbers sent, opened, clicked regarding emails. With CTAs it's possible to look at the performance of the different versions.


It would be great to have performance metrics for the differenten versions of landing pages, an emails etc, if they're build with smart content - besides to use this information for next actions, e.g. filtering contacts who got version A of this email.


Without this feature, smart content for emails isn't useful for us.


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Agree, this performance information would be nice to see. We use smart content in our emails and have no way of telling how the content is performing based on the versions being used.


I agree completley!! We need this. We cannot even see how many people received various smart content version.


Any updates on this? I've been asking about it since November and support has no visibility into it's status on the dev timeline.


Need this too! 

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We would also like to have this


Yup! Just started trying the smart subject lines for email - but without being able to see how they each perform, it's feels like a wild stab in the dark! Would be very helpful.


This affects our shop as well.  Everything we do with the system is data-driven, to ensure that it matches and supports our marketing strategies.  Our usage of this feature is no exception.

For example, if a particular set of smart content is underperforming, we need to be able to measure and recognize this so we can change it accordingly.


Really need this to be implemented!

At the moment there's no point adding a smart rule if you can't measure its success. 


Completely agree, this should be a standard reporting feature as long as emails have the option for smart content.


Agreed - I use smart content in many of my emails but oftentimes without being able to measure all versions of an email, it makes reporting difficult.


Agree. Having to build complicated lists to try to scratch out some intelligence on the performance of the smart content.


Support, I agree with all the above and want to add this to the conversation.


Currently, HS can track by IP address from anyone who clicks into a webpage or email as this is how it gets timezone information. As we (HS Customers) are communicating via specific lists using an email address, this same concept should be used to track click rates, CTA and Smart Content so we can understand which messages are working on a specific group, demographic or job title. This will allow us to improve our compliance and increase target capabilities.


Just so you know, this is Business Intelligence 101. Reduce workload with speculation and increase profitability by knowing your customer base to the point you can deliver the product and services they need.


Work this solution so we can become more profitable and purchase additional products and services from HS.


Completely agree, the feature is almost useless as long as there's no way to assess performance...

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Contributers, thank you for the idea and for all the feedback, This feature is not available for Marketing Email yet. We are hoping to review this and, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have plans in place.






Yes, I completely agree!! Adding that feature would be such a help!


Although this issue has been marked as "Not currently planned," I want to add my voice to the chorus and hope it will be put into development at some point in the future.


Completely agree! We'd like to use smart content in emails, but without the ability to measure how it performed, there's no clear benefit in using it.

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This is such an important feature that is really needed, otherwise we are going to need to continue cloning emails and tweaking slightly to send to different audiences as otherwise you cannot measure how successful it has been.


Hope it becomes a priority in future.


Yes please!

It's wonderful to create less emails and optimize them with the use of smart content. But if there is no way to report on smart content sections - why do that at all? 

Reporting on smart content is just a logical next step, especially for big, multi-touch campaigns.