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Percentage (%) in tax and discount

It is urgent and necessary to incorporate the functionality of tax and discount with percentage (%) when you create a quote. Our salespeople must walk with a calculator when generating quotes.



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Just pitching in to say that we, too, are looking for this feature.


We often give customers a % discount on their entire order, rather than a discount of a specific sum. Currently, the quotes support giving a discount of a specific sum, but not a percentage.


It would be useful if we could:

- Give a % discount on an entire quote

- Give a % discount on select items in a quote 


VAT is a percentage and I would hate to have to calculate it manually. I should be able to select which items will be getting the VAT (not all our services qualify). Lastly, it should be possible to add some kind of disclaimer sentence like "all pricing are calculated excluding VAT" to avoid this problem (this just pushes the problem on to the invoicing team, but still - they have percentage based VAT in their system, so it's all good).


We use quotient to produce our sales quotes, have done for years. The ability for auto-calculating VAT or discount from a percentage is a key feature. This is a need in quote functionality. I've used Xero and Freshbooks for several years before and they all have this functionality. C'mon Hubspot!! We produce 30-50 quotes per day so need the process to be as slick as possible, asking some of our team to manually calculate is asking to fail.


Also, the quote needs to display unit price with up to 4 decimal points. Xero will handle up to 4 in invoices. The quote engine in Hubspot calculates it correctly for example if you put 0.056 x 1000 units you will get 56.00, however, the unit price will display as 0.06 which is confusing for the user.


Just pitching in to say that we're also in need of this feature – I was a little surprised that the tax and discount fields aren't % as standard.


Manually working out these rates leaves a margin for error and, especially on large/ three-figure quotes, presents a risk that we'd like to avoid.



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

I'm very excited to announce that when applying a discount, tax, or fee to a quote, you can now choose % instead of your currency amount to enter a percentage and we will do the math for you!




The % Tax system works fine, however on a recurring quote, the VAT line disappear because it is not comprised in the "Recurring sub-total", hence bad bad issues when integrating with Stripe. Can we do something to cope? 




In Minnesota, certain items are non-taxable (retail items) and some are taxable at different rates (Food taxed differently than alcohol). It is impossible to build an accurate quote without being able to assign a tax rate to a specific item. I noticed a product property placeholder for tax, but it doesn't apply to anything. When is this going to be implemented? We can't reconcile our quotes to actual without it!


Please help!


If you are looking for a solution to this problem contact RefocusX on the Partner Solutions Directory.


RefocusX is the Lead HubSpot Partner for Chargebee "Quote to Cash". This integration is currently on the HubSpot Marketplace and will automatically calculate sales tax on HubSpot quotes. It will also issue Digital Payment Links with the correctly calculated sales tax direct as a HubSpot workflow email.


It can calculate the correct sales tax in multiple countries and is fully integrated with the HubSpot Sales Hub and Deals Module


Finally Digital Payments are live on HubSpot!!!