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Payments - Allow for a delay

Allowing for the ability to delay when a payment is initiated on a signed quote would be a big benefit. My partner and I are trying to use HS payments instead of signing and then setting up in 


However, to get customers we sometimes need to delay kickoff and the payments will always immediately trigger a pull from the bank which isn't always ideal for our customers. 


Thanks for the consideration!



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This is also less than ideal when we want initial payment to cover implementation but don't want the subscription to begin until a future date. The way it works right now, it appears the customer is charged for both upon checkout regardless of when the subscription start date is on the quote. Looking forward to improved functionality of payments function within Hubspot. Thanks!


I too believe this is a must have enhancement!  We would utilize this for a couple of different things.  One is that we sometimes want to offer a free trial of 14 days or so before they are billed, and under the current system, there is no way to do that.  We want to capture their payment information, so that we feel that we have a commitment to continue, but don't want it to actually bill until the trial days are completed, giving them the opportunity to cancel prior to first payment if they so choose.


Additionally, many clients have a day that they know they want to have the payments withdrawn, or charged during the month.  For example, they always get paid on the 1st and the 15th, so want to be billed on the 1st.  If we do not have the flexibility to charge the first, set up, payment when they initially process it, but then to allow for a delay so that we can bill on their required date for the ongoing payments, it makes it very difficult.


I also agree that this would be a huge benefit to the Hubspot payment system. I have verified that the customer does get billed right away regardless of when the start date states in the quote. This would be massively beneficial for us, so we do not have to remind ourselves to set up automatic payments when the day finally comes around. (I.e. When we have someone go through onboarding on the 1st but can not make inital payment until the 21st. Right now we have to hold onto payment details until the 21st which is just not scalable.)


We upgraded to Hubspot Starter specifically for payment integration and found this is an extremely poor user experience for our company. It seems there is no work around now that our client submitted the first payment. We can neither cancel the agreement (which is for a year term) nor can we edit it.

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To add to this, you can now set a future start date for subscriptions, but only if you also collect a one-time fee up front. This is unnecessarily restrictive/cumbersome. We need to be able to delay a subscription start without also charging a one-time fee up front.