Pausing a Sequence

I think it would be good to be able to pause a sequence. Sometimes you put a prospect on a sequence and things happen... illness, weather (hurricanes) and there is no sense continuing sending them emails and making calls when you know they aren't going to be there. I think it would be good to be able to pause them and schedule them to restart at a later date... Thoughts?

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This makes a lot of sense and I, too, haven't been able to figure this out yet.

It's an issue that happens frequently (when getting out of office replies, for example) and forces us to look at other solutions we need to buy next to Hubspot, which is a bummer because Hubspot doesn't come cheap.


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It would be extremely beneficial for our sales team to pause sequences whenever they are out traveling for events. Also, life happens, so I know that this would be helpful to a lot of people!  

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This should be CRM 101 - You should be able to add pauses into the sequence so, for example, a final email doesn't go out before calls can be made. 

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Please let me know when you have this! 

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I recently noticed some of my sequenced emails were sent out on this past Labor Day. Having these emails sent out to potential clients on National Holidays comes out as extremely insensitive, makes me and my company's emails look like spam, and damages our reputation. Please add a setting that allows us to prevent sequences from being sent out on National Holidays!

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It would be beneficial for our Sales team as well. We eagerly look forward to having this implemented as soon as well.

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Also jumping on this train. Having the ability to pause these is super handy, especially if a rep goes out of office or something. It comes off as a bit ingenuious when you get an email, respond, and then an OOO auto response is sent back. 

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Upvote this to the moon - 100% would use this feature, makes total sense 

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Totally agree! I asked for the exact same thing. We had that ability in Outreach and we've since moved everything over to HubSpot, so this feature is sorely missed. If I could magically upvote it to the top, I would Smiley Happy 

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Agreed, I also think that tasks should be dependant on the completion of the task before it. This allows the sales person to be sick or go out of town without the sequence to continue to run. 

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Agreed!  This functionality is standard on other platforms already.

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PLEASE! This would be such a useful feature!!

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This really needs to happen. Just this Thanks Giving it would have been nice. 

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Upvote.  How this doesn't work yet is beyond me.

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I completly agree - I don't understand why this function does not exist in Hubspot. Competitors for sales automation (like Outreach and SalesLoft) do this really well. This should be a priority for Hubspot to fix! 


We would love to see this feature for our company for the holiday seasons throughout the year. We don't want emails to go out on Christmas Day. It looks fake. We aren't working that day and neither are ost of our Customers. 

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Add this to the list of really obvious things Hubspot ought to do but doesn't... come on guys, how hard could it be?