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Pause ticket timer when a ticket is waiting on customer

The ticket status can be 'open' or 'closed', making the timer run or stop.

I want to be able to pause the timer, the timer should then stop when a ticket is in a 'pause' status to rule out the time a ticket is waiting on the customer.


open > timer counts the time a ticket is open

pause > timer stops counting until the ticket is in open or closed

closed > sets the close date and stops the clock


Absolutely must. Do we have a estimated release date apart from 2023?


100% agree. We do a lot of waiting on the customer and being able to pause the timer when the ticket is in a "Pending"-type of status is critical in calculating time-to-close, and customer wait time vs agent wait time.


Muito necessária esta funcionalidade! O Atendimento ao Cliente possui métricas em torno ao SLA de Resolução, que infelizmente hoje para serem corretamente amostrada para os clientes se faz necessário adentrar chamado por chamado com o SLA de Resolução descumprido para validar a veracidade da informação.

Há previsibilidade de quando será incluída essa melhoria? Fará completa diferença para o escopo de Atendimento ao Cliente. 


Is there any more specific timeline on this yet? The end of 2023 is closely approaching.


Customers oftentimes have an issue but take very long to get back to us with more details which we need to proceed. During that time, the SLA deadline approaches (or is sometimes even crossed). This does not reflect our timely working on matters, though but is caused from outside.


end of 2023, it is around the corner, can't wait to see that coming


We're almost at the end of 2023, is there any news ? 


Well the bad news is I spoke to Hubspot support and this was the reply:

"Currently, we do not have any recent product updates on this topic. However, it is still a pending feature that is being reviewed." and this is after they told me in May this year that it was due for release this year. 


TBH, Hubspot are driving people away from the platform - any decent ticket system has a "Pause" capability on the timer. 


Thanks Hubspot for really listening to your customers!


This is a basic requirement for accurate ticket and SLA management.  It's disappointing to see that it's not progressing.  


Such a must. Unbelievable that this is not possible in Hubspot right now. 

How will I explain to a head of service team that this feature will not be available when training them in working in Hubspot. 


Honestly concerning that it's taking this long to implement a feature that should be standard in any ticketing system...

That said, happy to inform you that the Product team (and the Product Manager in charge of this specific area in fact) has mentioned that they are aware of this specific request, and are currently in the works of scoping it for development as part of the push on improving Service Hub specifically for 2023

Me reading this in 2024 😭. Such a basic feature...


I'm hoping they get this working as part of the help desk feature the're working on. 


Unfortunately for Hubspot, we have made a call to move to a new ticketing platform, it's become an embarrassment to try explain to our customers that we can't pause the SLA clock. Even the most basic ticketing systems we are reviewing have pause capabilities. 

HubSpot Employee

+1 to this feature, much needed


We absolutely need this feature as well. Top management in my company are looking at response time KPIs, and the lack of a simple way for my team to pause the SLA clock in some cases is biasing the KPI values to the detriment of my team.


At the same time, I wanted to mention that we LOVE the Time to Next Response SLA - it allows us to track a critical aspect of Support work, and many ticketing systems do not have this option.